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Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Mists Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Mists

Reward your skin with a refreshing spritz of amazing pure leaf water naturally rich in powerful antioxidants. Skin is protected and deeply hydrated by a synergistic blend of fresh tropical leaves.

Hydrosols are aromatherapy products which are co-produced with essential oils during steam distillation of plant material. Hydrosols are the hydrophyllic or water-soluble constituents of the plant and essential oils are the lipophyllic or oil-soluble parts of the plant. When distillation is complete, the essential oil and hydrosol emerge separated with the essential oil floating on top of the hydrosol.
Skin appearance is strictly related to water retention. As time goes by, skin becomes thinner, and looks aged because it retains less water and its collagen and elastin content decreases. With continuous water replenishment throughout the day, skin remains plump and healthy-looking.

-Dilo leaf, Ngi Grass and Coconut Oil
-Dilo Leaf hydrosol - anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, humectant, skin conditioning, helps to regenerate skin cells.
-Ngi grass - boosts hydration by increasing cellular water flow as well as moisture holding power for 24 hours.
Skin is protected and deeply hydrated by a synergistic blend of Dilo leaf hydrosol, ngi grass and Coconut Oil.

Spray on body after showering and during the day as required

Our Price: $12.00
Pure Fiji Rollerball Fragrances Pure Fiji Rollerball Fragrances

Your favorite Pure Fiji fragrances are now available in this handy alcohol free, oil infused roller ball! This easy to use Roller ball can be applied to pulse points on wrists, neck, and decollete so you can smell divine anytime, anywhere!

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, macadamia, dilo and sikeci oil.

Alcohol free
High in anti-oxidants, vitamins A,B,C,E, Omega 3,6,7 and 9

Apply a small amount to pulse points

Our Price: $18.00
Pure Fiji Spa Box Pure Fiji Spa Box

Get glowing this season with the natural wonders of Pure Fiji. Pure Fiji Sugar Rub provides a thorough 2-in-1 exfoliation to remove dull, dry skin cells and Exotic Oil deeply nourishes newly revealed skin to ensure a long-lasting glow. Apply the oil or lotion daily to maintain your island glow!

-Sugar Rub: Coconut infusion

-Body Butter: Coconut milk and honey infusion

-Hydrating Lotion: Guava infusion

-Nourishing Exotic Oil: Mango infusion

Our Price: $22.00